Corresponsal Usa

Stories of Yesterday and Today.

Andrew the original train in which you took a picture which reminds me that many years ago I went to Bariloche on a journey that took almost four days instead of two.

I went with a friend in the middle of summer hot and dry but you can imagine, and when we arrived at El Carmen soil and dust were so much that we bathe with clothes and everything up his sleeve to carry water in the engine! In five minutes we were dry and clean, ready to continue the journey time we got to Bariloche was virtually glued to their seats.

Oh, and attesting that the drivers stopped at night in the middle of the field in Patagonia to hunt hares, as if nobody on the train or they had no schedule to keep.

This trip I will never forget it and since then never again took a long-distance train until last year when we were in Spain from Madrid to Seville by AVE, the Spanish bullet train "flies" on the rails. The acronym means Spanish High-Speed, and indeed it was a fabulous experience in a fabulous train. Not cheap, but worth a trip because of other forms would be 8 hours, is done in two.

Needless to say that practically do not see anything that passes near the train speed at which it goes. Only things that are visible at some distance and only briefly. Another impressive thing is the total lack of noise or vibration normally produced by a train. Nothing but a murmur that does not bother at all because the train is not transferred to the passenger.

J. Edgar Cox