Further considerations to take into account is the electrical part itself is not complicated as to be tender:

• a pair of wires for each main lane.
• a pair for independent monitoring of internal roads.
• a pair for the local lighting.
• a pair for change management.

The first point is about the power from one or two central regulators to have independent movement of services.

The second is direct or alternating current to feed individual and local regulators to control maneuvers beaches or inland side circuits.

The third game will use it to power the lights of houses, streets, signs, sound effects, appliances smoke or private operator as barriers, carousels, etc.

The fourth is used for feeding coils or other changes since these actions cause the voltage drop and if we have lights on the same circuit such flash.

As advice is best to use as independent processors are cheaper and smaller than multi-winding, in addition to burning a single line change that and go with the other we add another processor to replace or change for one matching .

In case you are assembling a modular model have no problems when having to removal is advisable to use some type connectors computer in their models DB-9 DB-15 DB-25 as they are readily available and there is no possibility of connecting the opposite due to the way they avoid possible damage to models or command and control circuits, as well as having the same opportunity to spend a lot of connections with a single connector.