After many years of assembling the trains on the floor having to assemble and then disassemble everything to store it, I decided on a modular model.

My first modular model that I built in 1987, it consisted of two modules with a total dimension of 3.10 meters. long by 1 mts. wide was the part of the station, then it was going to have other modules (that did not get to assemble them) that would complete the route that to the Proncipio ran through the floor every time I used it.

It was hanging on the wall while I did not use it and I lowered it to assemble it in the dining room on the floor, because of the dimentions it was complicated to assemble it.

This model lasted a few years until I put together a retractable line in the foot that was semi-permanent since when I did not use it it was folded against the wall, the drawback was that I had to remove the rolling stock and everything that was not fixed to it, until I made modules again. this time more boys but with a longer and more practical route since it was mounted on mensulas on the wall as a shelf, which allowed me to on the one hand use the piece for other activities and it was also permanent since it only removed the sections that were in the entrance door and the window, it also allowed me to leave the rolling stock in it and be able to use it without having to close the entire circuit since the main boards had their own control and I only had to put the rebuttable sections when I used the full model saving me a lot of time.

This first model had three circulation circuits, a section for passenger cars, a beach of cargo manioobras and a locomotive depot with rotating bridge.

The control board had two regulators one for one train and one for two trains which could be exchanged between the routes as necessary it also had the track diagram with the switches of each section, the handling of the manual changes was through a gut system. (such as the actual exchange bars).

I also used to try different types of board joints and connectors between them.

This is the first model to carry out a full measure of 1 meter wide and 3.20 meters long.
The swing bridge is built by hand with wooden rods and aluminum.