In the case of paintings you can meet a wide range among which you can choose to:

· Synthetic Enamel
· Acrylics
· Liquid inks
· Ink powder

In the first case of paintings that are prepared based on solvents such as thinners specific Tyner, once used the paint utencillos these should be cleaned with solvents such labarse then with soap and water.

The second case is water-based paints, which means they are soluble in water or a mixture of water and alchool to dry faster, used items can be washed with soap and water.

The third case involves ink solutions commonly used to stain the feet, used items can be washed with water or diluents as Tyner.

In the latter case it is very fine powders that are applied with dry brush on the model, are often used to shabby or lights and shades give the same after painted debiendose give a hand to fix colorless varnish.

The elements for the application of paints and acrylics are synthetic or are the same being able to distinguish three basic elements that are brushes, sprays and airbrush.

In the case of the brushes can be found in various sizes and can be flat or round, likewise are different bristle material may be synthetic or natural (usually animal hair). Teminación according to the size of the model or the end will be the type of brush to use.

Sprinklers are a type of gun applies paint through a peak and by air to precise tolerance, depending the thickness of the peak will be the thickness of the particles of painters who will come out, is usually used to paint large areas as the spray cone is quite wide.

In the case of the airbrush is a similar tool but with the difference that the peak has a needle inside of it that regulates the flow of paint out the same, plus is much finer than that of the sprinkler, you can find two different models are single acting and double acting in the single action the trigger only enables or disables the passage of compressed air leaving the adjustment of the needle in a fixed position in the case of the double action trigger not only regulates the air outlet but also the position of the needle by a contol on the amount of that number is required PINTRO while the application without having to stop the flow of air as in the previous case.

The airbrush can be used for large areas or for very fine finishing details such as lines or dots.