To design the model can do two basic things one copy a design made and may not necessarily be the measures that you need and second is to design your own lying.

To start you should see the basic space you have available for a demo since this factor determines the scale and / or size of run, eg in a 2x1 meter board can do in an oval HO single or double and a beach maneuvering over a town or village but if you use N scale you to deploy a 4 times larger in the mountains which have bridges and tunnels a couple of and medium-sized towns tended to multiple levels without much problem.

The next point is to decide on the scale you're using comparatively Prices are quite even, the difference you can find this in the self-built models, that if you like build your own rolling stock.

Marklin For compatibility is one of the best brands but not quite compatible with other brands because the units require any modification to it so as to be of alternating current and having three rails so the material incompatibiliza Continuous dual-rail wagons continues to be used in AC and if they light must be added the central shoe outlet, in the case of machines would have to change the engine or using digital encoders, for otherwise the AC material must isolate all the wheels and that would cause a short circuit.

In the case of continuous marks and two rails as Ather, Lima, Model Power, Frateschi, Bachman, Tyco, Mehan, IHC and some more that are in the local market are a hundred percent compatible with each other, whether locomotives, cars, tracks, accessories and more. the only difference that you are getting are the hooks between units because some American hook use, other chains (standard NMRA USA) and other European hook (NEM standards) to which you have no problem as it is easy to change and are cheap plus you can have a wagon with two types of hook one at each end, such as NEM and American hook.

An important point to keep in mind is the way you're using as the basis hobby, a way bad or misplaced will give you many problems with that in the long or get up and change or you get tired of the hobby, roads are often the cheapest iron (Lima, Tyco old) are good but if the model does not have regular use once or twice weeks you'll spend a couple of hours cleaning to work well and often dirty a lot and even rust, the roads are made of bronze are a little better but have with the same problem in the long run, the best are those of Sylver Nikel (Nickel-Silver) and have not with these problems and with only a wagon limpiavias that can be bought or assembled by yourself and keep it.

Among the brands of nickel silver in my experience the best that is Peco nickel-silver, but is the most expensive at the moment locally, then you have Atlas which are of the same quality but considerably cheaper and you also have to Frateschi in the same material but have not tried any to see the result, Peco and Atlas you can find various codes of rail (dimensions rail height, width of head, heart and base etc.) the most common are 100 and you can code find code 80 or 75 that are a little small, in the case of the rail is more Frateschi approximately 120 large, are all compatible the difference can be found by its code for example a code 100 will be a little more height and width (dimensions of the rail) a code 80 therefore need to pay attention at the junction where you must align the top of the head and internal to avoid further traffic problems for you weld both rails.

One type of track that you will be very useful are the flexible way measuring ~ 0.90 m (3 feet) as you use it straight or curved as well as having fewer joints in the stands, a flexible equals 4 sections of track in addition to rigid design tended to do as you want and not just with form of rigid segments, another thing that you need not fear is to cut sections of track as more than once you'll find So to close completing a circuit or a path or a sidewalk is too long or too short, the road cuts that are not usable because no discards that may help you decorate any corner of the model.

This is the first model to carry out a full measure of 1 meter wide and 3.20 meters long.
The swing bridge is built by hand with wooden rods and aluminum.