For the construction of models you can choose from several options such as:

• Construction of a plastic kit
· Modification of a plastic kit
· Modification of a commercial model
• Construction of a model SCRATCH

In the first case it is only assemble the model according to the instructions that brings the same and make it roll.

The second case is to modify the kit by removing or adding pieces from another kit or loose things that we can look good.

The third case comes to buying a business model and then removing or adding pieces to go something like the above, even the same model can make two with the combination and spare parts added.

In the latter case it is to assemble a model from scratch, either flat or personal invention, and using this parts and plastics from various sources such as discarded sheets of plastic containers purchased in addition to pine, sheet metal or wires and things that we can find and be useful.

It is possible that the first models are not like the picture on the box or the idea that we have, but with a little patience and practice you can get almost reality.

All this applies to both the rolling stock towed tractive or infrastructure such as houses, sheds, stations, etc.

HO scale model of manufacture home

Kit Faller bridge pillar Esc N (to build)

Airfix brand gauge (to build)

English houses JOUEF mark (left arm) and
Hotel construction of two floors of crafts (pine wood right)