The modules are the best option to be developing a model because they have girls action, are easily transportable and storable in the case of having too little space, plus you can go by in a progressive and empowering as you add new modules.

Moreover, the model consists of modules can be expanded almost without limit except for the available space is also dynamic since it is well designed if the union between them including track gauges can be interchangeable with what we have a model that changes and we do not get bored with the same tendency as always.

Another advantage is that we can share it with others with similar lines, for which it is enough to agree with the joints of the boards.

As far as modules usually varies from 0.25 X 0.60mts. to 0.80 X 1.80Mts. tended to suit your requirements and can be straight or L for the case of curves which is usually what you need more space.

Algunas Normativas Modulares LCTM pdf.
Modulo Recto pdf.
Algunas Normativas Modulares cefu pdf.
Normativas Modulos NMRA.
Normativas Modulos MAQUETREN.