Tendidos Valija

One of the most common excuses for lying is not to make a lack of space, HO in the solution are modular systems that remain in the shelf allowing the use of the piece for something else.

Scale "N" we have a variant that is very practical it is to make a model inside a suitcase that can use it at any time and place to which just need a table to support it and according to their size allows it to be saved behind a door or closet in your room.

CCB railway


Here we see a tended in the form of bag which is still open dimenciones 0.65 M to 1.30 M and the same folds in the middle with two hinges leaving in its interior decoration and not exceeding 10 cm thick.

It is constructed of wood and this consists of a table together with the average perimeter hinges, an external cover of raw and a second inner layer to the previous 1CM accommodates wiring necessary (Routes, Changes, lights).

Another view in combination with material "HO."

A bag with the brand cap Nosch


As in "HO" can be make modules that are interconnected by means of bolts giving a model that can be very good dimenciones but is easy to see to keep in any part of our house, or it can be transported to another place without difficulties.
The Dimensions of this module are of 0.80 Mts. by 0.80 Mts. and when it is completed have a dimension of between 1.60 to 2.40 Mts. by 1.60 Mts. it still must decide final size!.